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Deregulation has created more energy choices

If navigated correctly, these choices can become significant cost-savings opportunities. Each state, however, has created it’s own approach, with its own legislation and rules. Staying current on what is allowed, especially if you are a multi-state operation, can be complex and time consuming. That’s where we come in. At Reflective Energy Solutions, we have energy experts who keep an eye on news and updates in each state’s latest energy legislation… so wherever you have choice, we can help.


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If you are located in a deregulated market for either electricity or natural gas, it’s your option to select a third party supplier other than your utility to maximize cost savings and contract electricity or gas on your behalf.

Lighting retrofits improve light quality and efficiency, reducing the amount of energy used and lowering your energy spend.

By using solar energy to power your business, you’ll appreciate long-term energy cost savings. The availability of government and local rebates and incentives yield a quick return on investment and make solar power a very attractive solution. Solar allows utilization of environmentally friendly energy solutions and increases property value.

Also known as combined heat and power (CHP), cogeneration (cogen) is on-site production of both electricity and heat from a single highly efficient gas powered engine.

We understand that non-profit organizations may not have the resources to dedicate to energy savings projects. Reflective will identify low or no-cost opportunities to reduce energy costs and provide new revenue streams -- protecting budgets from volatile energy market fluctuations.