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Procurement | Reflective Energy Solution


Who Is Reflective Energy Solutions?

Reflective Energy Solutions (RES) is an independent energy consultant that works to obtain the best supply rates of natural gas and electricity for your business. We are independent customer advocates who are vendor neutral, allowing us to consistently help our customers make the right energy decisions for their businesses.

Why Partner With Reflective Energy Solutions?


Our team of experts have more than 100 years industry experience, giving us a critical understanding of the rules, regulations and pricing strategies for energy and resource procurement.

Real-Time Rate Notification

Long-standing supplier relationships position us to learn about unadvertised rates with energy supply companies. Due to our bulk volume energy purchasing on behalf of our clients, we appreciate significant cost savings that only an energy consultant can, and we pass that savings on to our customers.

Contract Negotiations

Energy contracts are highly complex, with detailed terms, conditions, and pricing. We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to negotiate the best terms on your behalf.

Our Process:


Complete your Load Profile

RES will work with you to complete your load profile, detailing your energy use at regular intervals and depicting your energy usage pattern.


Share your Load Profile

We share your load profile with our pool of suppliers and run an auction on your behalf, securing the best price for your energy use. RES is paid by the supplier only when you sign up with one—so you’ll never get a bill from us. Our fee is included in the supplier price you are quoted.


Switch to a New Supplier

Switching to a new supplier is seamless. You will continue to receive the same utility bills from your local utility company that you always have, and the supplier’s charge will be included within that same bill—reflecting your right as a consumer to select the supplier with the best rate.


Sign Your New Contract

Contract terms can be as short as month to month, or as long as 4–5 years. We will help you decide terms that are best for your business.

Interested in Learning More?